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Discover CORUM, a new way to save

With CORUM, you will indirectly be investing in commercial real estate in the eurozone. CORUM is aiming for a dividend yield of 6% (not guaranteed), pays out potential dividends monthly and offers services which enable investors to save at their own pace based on their plans for the future.

Minimum investment of €1,060
Including all costs, subscription fee included.
6.45% paid out in 2016
He Dividend Yield, defined as gross dividends before taxes and social security contributions paid for financial year N (including interim dividends and distribution of capital gains from asset disposals) divided by the average acquisition share price over financial year N. This indicator is used to measure the annual financial performance of the SCPI.
5.43% five-year IRR
Total leased floor area divided by total floor area owned by the SCPI at a given time. It should be borne in mind that each management company uses a specific calculation method for this rate, which precludes any comparison between SCPIs.
Monthly income
CORUM provides you with an opportunity to receive potential dividends each and every month.


This illustration tool allows you to calculate how much your savings would be worth if you had invested a specific amount in the CORUM savings solution over a specific period.

1 year
Cumulative income
Final investment value and income*
Receive a personalised illustration by email

Need advice?

Leave us your phone number to receive a call from a CORUM representative.

CORUM representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Our innovative
approach to investing.

"At CORUM, we strive to provide investment opportunities that are not only income-producing, but also provide transparency in how your money is used.
With your savings, CORUM buys properties and leases them to companies. As a result, your savings help companies to finance their growth by allowing them to lease their strategic real estate. CORUM also provides quality customer service—CORUM shareholders rated us 8.8/10* in customer satisfaction.
*Ipsos survey conducted in January 2016"

CORUM’s property portfolio

"CORUM is present in 10 countries in the eurozone with 75 properties and 130 tenants.
With 99.8% of the properties in the portfolio leased to tenants committed to making lease payments for an average term of 9 years with no break option, lease payments and resulting income for CORUM shareholders are ensured in the foreseeable future."

CORUM and you

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