Investing one's own money

Buying CORUM shares with your own money


If you invest your own money in CORUM SCPI, you pay for the whole investment amount in cash, i.e. at least €1,075 as of 1 June 2018. The minimum investment is 1 share for €1,075 and your investment must be a multiple of €1,075.

This extremely simple method of purchase makes it possible for investors to access the property market, even if they do not have large amounts of cash, and to potentially benefit from a monthly income.


Access rental investment property from €1,075 without the hassle of managing a property(1).
Supplement your income.
Build and increase your wealth.


In concrete terms, investing your own money means...

(based on the 2017 dividend yield)

  • Share price: €1,075
  • Number of shares acquired: 27,90 shares
  • Invested amount: €30,000
  • 2017 net dividend yield(2): 6.45%
  • Annual income received(3): €1,935

(1) In return for the payment of management fees.
(2) Net of management fees.
(3) For shares fully entitled to dividends over 12 months.

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