Invest through a Regular Investment Plan

A flexible real estate investment solution to help me build savings

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New: the Regular Investment Plan

Thanks to the Regular Investment Plan, you can build savings by investing in real estate on a regular basis and according to your financial circumstances. Simple and straightforward: you choose how much and how often you want to invest. At each scheduled direct debit date, the amount you chose to invest will be debited from your account. Each payment results in the subscription of CORUM shares: as such, you regularly increase your savings. As with any real estate investment, the value of your investment and any income from it are not guaranteed and may rise as well as fall. Contact your adviser to learn more!

How can I build savings at my own pace while benefiting from CORUM’s performance?

    • I choose how often and how much I want to invest in my CORUM Regular Investment Plan
    • Each payment is invested in CORUM shares
    • I gradually increase my savings and receive a monthly income(1)

Freedom and flexibility to build long-term savings.

You can change or stop the automatic withdrawals at any time, immediately and without charge. Since your savings will be invested in real estate, their liquidity will be limited and we recommend a long investment horizon.

How does it work?

To set up a Regular Investment Plan, it is only required to own or buy one CORUM share for €1,075 (including all costs). You can then choose how much you want to invest.


You select how much you wish to automatically invest (minimum amount: €50, including all costs).


Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly: you choose how often you want to invest according to your financial circumstances and your income flow.


The only administrative formality you must undertake is to set up your Regular Investment Plan.


Each automatic investment entitles you to receive CORUM dividends(1), once the 5-month period to dividend entitlement is over.


To help you better understand the differences:

(1) Potential monthly income received once the 5-month period to dividend entitlement is over.
(2) Dividend yield (DMV): ratio between the gross dividend paid per share (including special interim dividends and share of capital gains of 0.15% paid out) and the annual average share price.