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Property Portfolio


8 hotels - Spain

The 8 B&B Hotels are located in Spain and complement the 3 B&B already owned by CORUM in France (Beaune, Amiens and Brétigny). 

They are part of the chain’s 20 locations in Spain and meet the brand’s requirements regarding first-rate locations: located in shopping districts, close to motorways and major roads. 

The 8 B&B hotels have approximately 100 rooms each. They meet their customers’ needs, whether they travel for professional or for leisure purposes, and offer good value, in line with their market and their geographical location. Purchased for €30.3m with a net initial yield of 6.87%, B&B agreed to a 15-year triple net lease with no break option. All charges related to the property’s operation will be borne by the tenant. CORUM will therefore make no outlays for this property’s running costs. 



Acquisition price (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)


Net initial yield*

6,87% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)