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Lieusaint - France

This 2005 office building located in the Carré Sénart area in Lieusaint has benefited from the strong economic and demographic growth in this urban area, with numerous shop openings: stores (an Apple store has been there for 3 years and a new Galeries Lafayette store will open in 2018), restaurants, cinemas, and hotel resorts attracting more than 14 million visitors every year. This building is only 35 minutes from Paris, with excellent access and public transport links: highways (A6, A5a, A5b), RER D (Regional Express Network rail lines), and a new bus station right in front of the building since 2011.

This investment generates a net initial yield* of 8.02% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees).

Tenants DDFIP

The tax department of the Directorate of Public Finances, which directly reports to the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, provides guidance to individuals and companies regarding tax issues and processes their tax-related paperwork. They also undertake major administrative functions such as payment of civil servants’ salaries and auditing of public investments. The DDFIP also calculates personal tax liabilities. 

Tenants Pôle Emploi - EPA

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Acquisition price (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)


Net initial yield*

8,02% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)