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Nantes - France

This new-build office building is located at the heart of Nantes, in front of the Isle of Nantes. It is well served by public transport and ideally located in the immediate vicinity of the train station.

This investment generates a net initial yield* of 7.50% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees).

Tenants Pôle Emploi - EPA

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Tenants Maison de l'Emploi

The Maison de l'Emploi of the Nantes conurbation (literally, the “House of jobs”) gathers departments from Nantes Métropole (Nantes conurbation), the French Government, Pôle Emploi (governmental employment agency), the Departmental and Regional Councils and the Mission Locale (organisation for the social and occupational integration of young people). It offers services to job seekers, employees, companies and potential job creators. 

Tenants SSTRN

SSTRN focuses on prevention in the field of occupational Health. This department is set up as a non-profit association and is authorised to assist companies from the private sector based in the Nantes region. 



Acquisition price (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)


Net initial yield*

7,50% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)