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Property Portfolio


Cork - Ireland

The property is located in Cork. As the second largest city after Dublin, Cork is one of the country’s major centres of economic interest and home to a number of specialised industries and large national and international firms such as Apple, Siemens, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson,etc. 
This property of about 11,000 sq.m is located in a mixed office/shopping area, where companies such as Dell, Securitas, Regus and others are located. It has been leased to Voxpro which agreed to a 11.4-year triple net lease with no break option during which all service charges and work costs will be borne by the tenant. CORUM will therefore make no outlays for this property’s running costs. 



Acquisition price (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)


Net initial yield*

7,55% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)