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Nijmegen - Netherlands

This property is situated in the Nijmegen business park, 5 kilometres from the German border, in the east of the Netherlands. It includes a building and 182 parking spaces. It serves a wide catchment area with no competitors and excellent motorway access between Arnhem and Rotterdam. The store is located at the heart of a unique competitive cluster with a European influence thanks to the Novio Tech Campus.

The vendor does not allow us to disclose the net initial yield.

Tenants Gamma

Inter Gamma is a Dutch brand created in 1971 which owns two DIY chains in the Netherlands: Gamma and Karwei. Inter Gamma is the market leader in the hardware store market in the Benelux with 373 stores, of which 245 Gamma stores (164 in the Netherlands). Inter Gamma’s annual revenues are close to €1bn. Van Neerbos Bouwmarkten BV operates the Nijmegen Gamma store. It is the company with the largest number of franchise stores from Inter Gamma since it owns over 100 stores in the Netherlands. This company is now controlled by Irish investment fund CRH, which focuses its investments on DIY brands.



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