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Mönchengladbach - Germany

This property is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany, near the Dutch border. It is a completely-renovated and redeveloped department store comparable to Selfridges in the UK or Macy’s in the US. The neighbourhood, which is located on the commercial thoroughfare of Hindenburgstrasse, is busy in the evening and hosts many shops, making it a strategic area for local and national brands. This city of 260,000 inhabitants is positioned on the major motorway junction about half-way between Düsseldorf and the Dutch border.

This investment generates a net initial yield* of 7.37% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees).

Tenants SinnLeffers

SinnLeffers is a German department store chain created in 1850. SinnLeffers currently owns 22 shops in Germany, for a revenue over €300m. In 2013, it was bought by the Wöhrl family (€268m in revenues in 2013) and the resulting new group now operates 60 stores in Germany: Wöhrl in the southeast and SinnLeffers in the western central region. The Mönchengladbach store sells around fifty brands: Armani Jeans, Bugatti, Calvin Klein, Cimarron Jeans, Daniel Hechter, Diesel, Feraud Paris, Lacoste, Petit Bateau, Polo Ralph Lauren... 



Acquisition price (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)


Net initial yield*

7,37% (incl. transfer tax and brokerage fees)