CORUM: an award-winning SCPI at the top of the rankings 



Thanks to its simplicity and above-average performance (source: IEIF), CORUM takes first place in the SCPI ranking and is recognised by its peers.
Unlike most SCPIs, which are focused on specific investment themes, CORUM captures opportunities in the real estate market based on profitability criteria, quality of the lease and the tenant, which provide good visibility of future cash flows.


The data presented relate to previous years. Ranking data are not a reliable indicator of CORUM's future results. Since CORUM is a property investment, we recommend you hold your shares for at least 8 years. As with any property investment, you may not be able to exit your investment in CORUM immediately, and its value and any income generated from it may rise as well as fall. Obviously, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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