By purchasing CORUM shares, you are making a real estate investment: therefore, this is a long-term investment whose liquidity is limited and whose value and any income from it are not guaranteed.

What is an SCPI?

SCPI: how does it work?

SCPIs are real estate investment companies that acquire properties, such as commercial assets (offices, retail units, warehouses, car parks, nursing homes...).

As an investor, you purchase SCPI shares and become the owner of a portion of the property portfolio in proportion to your investment. In return for your investment, the SCPI pays you a portion of the rental income it receives.

The term "investor" generally refers to natural persons, companies or other legal persons.

As the management company of CORUM, we raise funds to invest them in property assets. We are also responsible for managing the property portfolio and redistributing rental income to investors.

Unlike with direct property investments, you no longer have to worry about the day-to-day management of the properties. The management company of the SCPI is in charge of managing administrative and rental costs, works to the properties, asset disposals, accounting, and tenants. These activities are within the scope of expertise of the management company.

An SCPI is a company regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF). Its portfolio is valued on a yearly basis by an independent valuer.